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First, go to the Smogon home page
Add "dex/xy/tags/ou" to the URL
This will take you to the OU tier page, which is devided into sections, as you see below.
For the sake of this tutorial, I will be uing Azumarill as an example.
After clicking on 'Azumarill' it should take you here
Scroll down to see the movesets until you find one you want, the first set may not be the best set on the page. I will be using the Belly Drum set as an example.
Here, you can see the moveset, how to use the moveset, and who to use with this moveset for eam synergy. But let's focus on the moveset itself.
By hovering your cursor over the nature you can see what it raises/lowers.
Now click on Teambuilder.
Everything is pretty self-explanatory for this part.
After building most of your first Pokemon, you'll come to the last tab. Usually, you'll want to select the set of EVs and Nature they suggest based on your moveset.
However, in this example I do not want the suggested set, so I enter the EVs and Nture myself.
After transferring the Pokemon over to Showdown, you battle people to determine how good you team is. Select the tier, in this example I'm choosing OU. Then select the team you built.
Now look for a battle, Showdown is a popular site, so it shouldn't take long.
After battling any times, you should make revisions to your team, ex.: Change a Pokemon, a moveset, etc. After you find a team you are satisfied with, go to
Proceed to the X/Y pokedex and find a Pokemon from your team.
Check the Pokemon's abilities. If it's a normal ability you won't have any trouble getting it. If it's a hidden ability, check to see if it's 'availible' or 'availible through transfer'. If it's availible, then you can get it in the friend safari or a horde battle.
If the Pokemon's hidden ability is 'availible', scroll down until you find he 'area' section. If it says 'friend safari' you can catch it there. If it does not list friend safari, then you can click on more details to see if it's obtained in a horde. If it doesn't say 'horde' anywhere, then one of it's pre-evolutions may be in the friend safari or found in a horde.
Finally, after you have confirmed you know how to get the ability you want, scroll down to 'egg moves'. Check to see if any moves you want for your Pokemon are there, if they are, click on the 'details' link to see who can pass on the move you want. For azumarill, three moves on it's moveset are obtained through breeding. If any moves on your set aren't obtained through level up, TM, or breeding, they are likely only obtainable through transfer and events, and at the moment, must be genned/hacked in.
Now breed and EV train your Pokemon Team and use it for competetive, although you still have to get better at battling to even use the team effectively.